Steps To Speed Up The Web Development Process

My prospects/clients always ask how long it’ll take me to complete designing and coding a website. The answer is it depends. If you have all of the final content ready, it can take me as little as one week to design, code and launch your website. If you don’t have any content yet, I can’t say for sure…

Here are some points you can do to help make our jobs easier and launch your new site sooner.

  • Let me know a couple of websites that you like [and don’t like] so that I know more about your taste and what you have in mind for your future site. A rough sketch of the site will be much helpful.
  • Let me know your preferred color palette. Many times my clients have left that decision to me; however, if you want orange and blue for your site, let me know, and we can take a lot of guesswork out of the way.
  • Prepare all final text content in an email or a document and send it to me. This won’t be easy at all. In fact, preparing final as opposed to temporary or placeholder text content is the most time-consuming part in the process.
  • Prepare all images to be used for the project. I can show you where to buy professionally taken photos if you want. Remember, people may judge the quality of your products and services through the quality of your website, so low quality imagery just won’t work.

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