Costs Involved For Having A Website

Generally, there’re two types of costs: one-time cost, and recurring cost. Most people are aware of the one-time development cost but not aware of the recurring cost.

  • One-time cost is mainly for the web design/development. This may include the cost for designing logo, banners, developing flash interactive content and acquiring images.
  • Recurring cost – or periodical cost is the cost for [1] maintainng the website [if you hire someone to maintain the site for you]; [2] paying for your domain name; [3] and paying for your web hosting company.

    If you can update the website yourself, you don’t have to pay for [1]. However, I can always help you update your website periodically or on a project-by-project basis. Contact me for more details.

    As for [2] and [3] – paying for your domain name and web hosting services, here’s the ballpark figure for your reference: a “.com” domain name would cost you about $10-$20/year, and a decent professional web hosting package would cost you about $70-$150/year. If you want an e-commerce website, you would have to pay more for a static IP address and/or other web security related costs. These are the fees charged by the Domain Name and Web Hosting Providers, not by Mind-Catching.

    You can either pay for [2] and [3] yourself, or you can come to me for managing your domain and hosting services with lower cost than you would pay for web hosting company yourself. Just don’t forget that if these fees are not duly paid, both your domain name and web hosting services are to be expired, and your website won’t be active anymore.

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