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Radford Website Re-design – Version 1

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This was the first time I re-designed and re-developed Radford website featuring the flash-based step-by-step service selection guide and also flash-based interactive location map and marketing key messages.

Radford website re-design version 1

First XHTML/CSS Design – Onpoint

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This was my first tableless XHTML and CSS front-end design/development . For those that are not familiar with web design and its terms, tableless front-end development is currently and will be the web standard as opposed to using table grid to do the layout.

The design and coding was done for another web developer. The real name/identity of the client was not disclosed; Onpoint and its logo was created to serve as place-holder.

The template package I provided at the end included layered Photoshop mockup file, some icons also in Photoshop and three different XHTML pages plus the stylesheet. Although it was a good experience, what I didn’t like about doing this type of work – for another designer – is that I could rarely claim the design was mine even though I created it.

Web design project - Onpoint

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